Storytelling is the root of all human experience. It's how we understand the world.

Connecting with customers and clients means understanding the art of narrative. You need to tell stories well, communicate clearly, and think creatively. We can help. 


We offer personalized storytelling and narrative workshops for copywriting, advertising, marketing, PR, and other departments within startups and large companies. Our private workshop faculty is made up of experienced instructors who will lead your creative team through the structures and strategies of narrative for your brand, advertising, or creativity goals. Whether you're hoping to work on a specific marketing campaign, develop a better feedback environment, or encourage creativity among your staff, we're available to help plan a workshop or retreat for your organization.


How it works

Each workshop we run is designed to order. We'll send you a short survey asking about your needs and use your responses to build a unique workshop for your team. We draw on the teaching modules we've developed over years of leading writing classes and workshops. These modules can be combined in different ways and their lessons strengthen and inform each other. We rethink and redesign each module to match the kind of work you do and the kinds of products or services you provide. Some of the subjects and strategies we teach are:

  • Pattern and Repetition: The Building Blocks of Narrative
  • Suspense in Story: Building, Satisfying, and Subverting Audience Expectations
  • Narrative Concision: Telling It Short
  • Visual Storytelling
  • The Hero's Journey: The DNA of Stories
  • Writing Vivid Copy
  • The Workshop: How to Critique and Improve Ideas

Who We Are

Our workshop instructors love working with creative teams in every kind of work environment. We have led brand and advertising storytelling workshops for Skittles, Unilever, and McDonald's, among other organizations. In Berlin, we've worked with organizations like Zalando, Divimove, and Kitchen Stories. As writers and storytellers, we have written for publications like The New York Times MagazineHarper’s MagazineViceThe Guardian, and frieze. We have together accumulated many decades' worth of teaching experience. Read our faculty bios here.






Our standard private workshop rates are all-inclusive, and cover coursework design and fees for two instructors. We recommend 2-12 participants per workshop. If you have special requirements or would like to talk about recurring workshops or a length not described below, send us an email at

  • Two-hour mini-workshop: €1.200
  • Half-day workshop (four hours): €2.000
  • Full-day workshop (seven to eight hours): €3.500