Workplace and Corporate Workshops

Manuscript Consultation

Our private workshop team is made up of experienced storytelling instructors who will lead your creative team through the structures and strategies of narrative for your brand or advertising goals. We have multiple packages to fit every workplace need. We're available to help plan creative workshops and retreats for your organization or startup.

In addition to teaching classes, Berlin Writers' Workshop faculty members are available to consult on your creative projects, including novels, memoirs, collections of stories or essays, book-length nonfiction works, or screenplays. We'll meet you in one-on-one sessions to provide written and oral feedback on one or multiple drafts. We'll tell you what your project needs before you send it out.

Copywriting / Proofreading / MFA / PhD

One-on-One Mentoring

Our faculty includes experienced copyeditors, proofreaders, editors, and fact-checkers. Let us know what your project is and what you need.


Whether you're looking for creative guidance, working on a specific creative project such as a novel or memoir, or just struggling to defeat writer's block, we'll be happy to meet with you one-on-one to give advice, help you set up a writing schedule, or work to conceptualize a project.

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