We founded the Berlin Writers' Workshop to build an open international writing community in the capital of Germany. We believe great writers come from everywhere, and that literature doesn't begin or end in the university or private school.

The heart of our community is the writing workshop, where students read and critique one another's work under the guidance of a professional writer. We also offer seminars, readings, and one-on-one mentoring. Follow the links to read more about our instructors, classes, mentoring and manuscript services, and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which class should I take?

A: If you're not sure, Creative Writing I is probably the place to start: it's designed so that both novice and experienced writers can get plenty out of it, especially if you're new to the workshop model. If you're stuck on your novel (we've been there) and have some workshop experience you should check out Fiction Writing I. A full list of our course offerings is available here. We're always adding courses to our calendar, so keep checking back or subscribe to our newsletter to the right.

Q: What if I want to sit in on a class?

A: Our workshops are limited to enrolled students for reasons of privacy. We continue to offer monthly free readings and events where you can meet and mingle with our students and faculty.

Q: Where are the classes?

A: Our classes take place at co-working spaces or in large private apartments in Berlin, mostly in Kreuzberg, Neukölln, and Prenzlauer Berg. We'll send the address when you enroll, or you can write us an email if you're curious.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: As of August 1, 2018, enrollment in one of our eight-week workshops costs €275. This reflects our classroom rental costs, instructor fee, administration and web costs, and all taxes and accountant fees. Our weekend seminars and editing services are priced according to instructor requirements and assorted costs like classroom rental. Value-added tax (VAT) is generally not collected, as our freelancers are individual small businesses in accordance with §19 (1) UStG. If a payment requires VAT, we will let you know.

Q: When do I pay?

A: Full payment is normally required by the first class, but the earlier you pay, the more likely you'll be to secure a seat. Once a class is full, you can no longer pay to enroll. Payment is accepted through direct deposit only. Contact us for details.

Q: What if I can't afford the tuition?

A: We offer need-based scholarships to cover the full tuition for up to one student per workshop class if that student can demonstrate need. Preference is given to those with irregular legal status in Berlin (such as asylum seekers or undocumented residents) but anyone may apply. If you would like to be considered for this scholarship, sign up for the class and send a short cover letter explaining your financial situation and your reason for enrolling in the class to contact@berlinwritersworkshop.com. Include "Scholarship" in the subject line.

Q: What if I decide to drop a course?

A: Should you choose to withdraw from an 8-week workshop, tuition minus a non-refundable €70 enrollment fee will be issued through two days after the first class. After this period, no refunds are possible. For policies regarding intensives and short classes, please email the instructor.

Q: What if my class is cancelled?

A: We normally will not run workshops with fewer than seven students. If your class doesn't fill up by the start date, you'll receive a full refund, including all enrollment fees. We'll do our best to ensure that cancellations are extremely rare.

Q: How old do I have to be to take a class?

A: All of our classes are 18+.

Q: I want you to read my novel/find me a publisher/work with me one-on-one/answer a question about your editing and mentoring services.

A: We're happy to talk about our personalized and business services. Please fill out the form here.

Privacy Policy

When you sign up for our newsletter, we collect your email address (and in some places your first and last name) for the newsletter, managed by MailChimp and published approximately four times per year. This information is used only to send you our newsletter and is never used for any other purpose. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time through the MailChimp link or by writing to us at contact@berlinwritersworkshop.com. We will completely delete your data. Please visit MailChimp for information about their privacy policies.

When you sign up for a class, we collect your name, email address, and survey questions about your class request and how you heard about us. This information is used to communicate with you concerning the class and to help us better understand where our students come from. We may use your survey answers to plan future advertisement programs. We collect no other personal information and do not use your personal information to target ads to you. When you pay your tuition by IBAN transfer, this information is not collected or saved by us. (It is saved only by the instructor's bank account where the transfer is made.) We never use your data for any purpose other than the class you signed up for. If you pay tuition and attend the class, you will receive emails from the instructor and other students. We value privacy over expediency. You may have to give your information to us several times if you take multiple classes because we do not save or transfer your information. This is to protect your privacy. You are free to withdraw your interest at any time by writing to us at contact@berlinwritersworkshop.com. We will completely delete your data.